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We need to build out our regional transportation network and make good on the promises of Measures R and M. It’s important that these Measures passed, but it’s essential that those dollars are quickly invested in the infrastructure needed to help people navigate the County on a daily basis - to jobs, healthcare centers, and essential services - as well as for travel, tourism, and events.


The Sepulveda Pass and Crenshaw Northern Extension projects are critical to District 3, connecting communities which have been intentionally divided by redlining and discriminatory policies. Ensuring safe, equitable access to transit is essential. I support the Los Angeles Community College District’s commitment to providing free transportation access, and want to see the Board continue its commitment to increasing ridership through eliminating barriers - both physical and financial.


I am committed to transforming Los Angeles into a leading clean energy County. As Mayor, I led the West Hollywood City Council in its vote to join the Clean Power Alliance, a new CCA serving Southern California. I support converting municipal fleets to all-electric, and have been a leader in implementing infrastructure to support electric vehicle charging. I have partnered with organizations like Plug In America to develop plans of action. 


I absolutely support the decarbonization of personal and public modes of transportation, and have experience building out our regional transportation network.


It is also essential to recognize the ways in which climate change disproportionately impacts communities of color. Through my work at Clean Power Alliance, clean energy alternatives were provided to Southern California Edison (SCE). These alternatives are transparent and accountable to our communities, and more affordable than SCE. 


I led my community to opt in at 100% renewable energy, inspiring other cities to do the same. I have been and will continue to be an advocate for legislation that advances clean energy goals for LA County and protects the rights of CCAs to exist and thrive.

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