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environment & sustainability

The climate crisis requires immediate action, which is why I am committed to transforming Los Angeles into a leading clean energy County. 


In addition to transitioning our economy to clean energy, I will simultaneously preserve and protect open space, create more parks for more people, and prevent overreaching hillside development that threatens our region's wildlife and nature preserves. 


I’m a founding member of the Clean Power Alliance of Southern California - the nation’s largest community choice aggregate (CCA) - and serve as an Executive Committee Member as well as the Legislative & Regulatory Committee Chair.  


In my community, I supported the adoption of net-zero policy goals to set us on the path to becoming a zero-carbon city, and I would work with cities and neighborhoods to do the same across Los Angeles County. 


The tactics I employed include: 

  • The creation of a partnership to help property owners pursue solar energy systems; 

  • Updating the local Green Building Program to create more energy-conscious, sustainable construction practices and constructed buildings;  

  • Opting in at 100% renewable energy to power all electrical needs;


The survival of our planet and human race depend on a reduction of destructive impact on the environment, and one of the best ways we can do that is to cut sprawl dead in its tracks. The County has already adopted an award-winning Sustainability Plan that needs full investment and implementation to reduce our carbon footprint and hold higher standards that actualize net-zero development. 


Energy efficiency upgrades are important, and we also need to focus on developing new housing that elevates sustainability standards. The process of decarbonizing buildings as well as sustainable construction methodologies for both residential and commercial development, like mass timber vs. concrete, all have to be reevaluated and shift to a new reality. 


We need to invest in new standards and be mindful of transitioning away from fossil fuels, including properly decommissioning defunct oil wells.


On the Board, I will also prioritize the creation of parks and green space throughout our county. Many neighborhoods are park poor, especially communities of color. I will work with these communities to identify potential park creation that will allow for more open space and more leisure. 


Too many neighborhoods in Los Angeles have unprotected sidewalks and bus stops. Tree canopies and sheltered bus stops are two of the most impactful ways we can protect our community members from the scorching heat while outside, especially during our warming summers. 


Wildlife crossings and protected hillsides are vital in preserving wildlife and our natural environment, especially throughout the pristine Santa Monica Mountains.  I will use my relationships with local leaders to accomplish these goals, and to lead LA County forward in fighting the climate crisis. 

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