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During my time as a Mayor and City Councilmember, my community has consistently led the state in housing production as one of the only cities to exceed our Regional Housing Needs Allocation goals. 


I have actively approved housing projects and policies that have advanced smart growth with inclusionary, affordable housing. Transit-oriented development solutions have also been included in the range of housing solutions which I’ve personally prioritized and championed. 


I have also worked with nonprofit housing partners like the West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation and the Los Angeles LGBT Center to develop affordable housing options for low-income seniors and older adults, immigrants, formerly unhoused individuals, veterans, and LGBTQ youth.


Working on behalf of and serving marginalized communities has been my life’s work. We need to develop and implement policies that create more AND affordable housing for everyone to help ensure people can live where they work. 


Though progressive policies such as increases to the minimum wage are already on the County’s books, I will look for other opportunities to introduce legislation that benefits our underrepresented residents, such as advocating for greater protections to help ensure communities of color receive fair home appraisals and combating the lasting impacts of redlining. 


I will partner with community-based organizations that serve vulnerable people and neighborhoods to understand what the greatest needs are. One such vulnerable community I’ve focused on in my work is older adults; we must create more affordable housing options for seniors to ensure they can safely age in place and have the support they need at later stages of life.

As a renter, I have experienced firsthand the challenging landscape of rising rents and insufficient protections. I support providing free counseling services to renters as well as funding that allows renters to stay in the housing they can afford, rather than slipping into houselessness because of a missed rent payment. Rental assistance both for people at risk of eviction and people with high rent burdens will prevent even more people from becoming unhoused, especially as we anticipate the imminent lifting of rent moratoria.

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