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Lindsey Horvath is an effective city councilwoman and small business owner who knows how to bring people together to strengthen communities, improve services, and create safer, more affordable neighborhoods. Under her leadership, her city housed 80% of homeless residents, cut taxes and fees to protect small businesses, and created new jobs and economic opportunities while securing high wages for workers. As County Supervisor, Lindsey will leverage her unique and fresh perspective to implement creative local solutions to put our communities back on track.


Lindsey Horvath has several strong attributes that have the potential to give her a significant advantage over Bob Hertzberg as voters become more familiar with the candidates.


Planned Parenthood’s endorsement of Lindsey Horvath is a major asset to her candidacy as a majority of voters hold a positive impression of the organization.


Horvath’s background as a “local mayor and city councilwoman” is preferred to Hertzberg’s record as a “member of the California State Legislature.” Voters also opt for a candidate who, like Horvath, is younger, a small business owner, and a renter rather than a 67-year-old attorney and millionaire like Hertzberg.



Lindsey Horvath won’t let Big Oil or Sacramento politicians stand in the way of clean air, clean water, and environmental justice for our community. She’s the only candidate for Supervisor endorsed by the Sierra Club and the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters. Lindsey Horvath will fight corporate polluters, protect our drinking water, and invest in clean, renewable energy.


Lindsey Horvath is the only candidate running for LA County Supervisor who is endorsed by Planned Parenthood and is 100 percent pro-choice. She’s fought the assault on reproductive rights, and to ensure women have access to abortions and reproductive healthcare services long before it was popular. Lindsay Horvath is a fighter for women with a real record you can trust.


Sacramento politicians have only made the problem of homelessness on our streets worse. Lindsey’s top priority as County Supervisor will be combating and preventing homelessness. Lindsey Horvath has cleaned up their mess and reduced her city’s homeless population by 80 percent. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to solving the humanitarian crisis of homelesness.


Lindsey will work to increase oversight and transparency, hire more social workers, and increase supportive housing, counseling and mental health services. Lindsey Horvath is running for LA County Supervisor to make sure we’re taking care of the people who help build our community. That means the small business owners, and renters like her to homeowners and workers. We’ve been through a lot these last couple of years and this November we can’t afford to move backward with more of the same from Sacramento politicians.


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