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MY Story

My Story

Lindsey Horvath is an effective local leader and small business owner who regularly delivers major victories for her constituents in Los Angeles County.


She is ready to step up for the people who need it most as your next Los Angeles County Supervisor from the 3rd District.

Lindsey’s commitment to serving others was shaped by her family and faith, growing up in a neighborhood where everyone knew each other. Lindsey’s grandmother was widowed at the age of 37 with four children at home. Like many parents today, she worked two full-time jobs - at the grocery store and police station - but it still wasn’t enough to make ends meet. Growing up in poverty instilled in Lindsey’s father a relentless work ethic that he passed down to her. 


It was her church and mentors who inspired Lindsey to enter public service. Delivering results for struggling and disenfranchised communities isn’t just a job to Lindsey; it’s a higher calling. Bringing the work ethic instilled by her family, she will be tireless in addressing the complex problems facing Angelenos and address them with solutions grounded in love, grace, and community.

Lindsey’s leadership stands out because she knows how to bring people together to get things done: From her early days as a founding member of the local chapter of the National Organization for Women, to spearheading efforts to bring a Metro alignment that serves the District, to her role on the board of the National League of Cities. 

She’s the kind of leader people turn to in a crisis. In 2009, she was appointed to serve as a City Councilmember following the death of a long-serving Councilman. She returned to the Council in 2015, was sworn in as Mayor in April 2015 and again in May 2020. Lindsey led the City’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, cutting red tape to help businesses expand outdoor operations, providing rental relief to prevent homelessness, and activating partnerships with community-based organizations like Project Angel Food to deliver medically-tailored meals to the homes of people affected by life-threatening illnesses. Simultaneously, she created safe spaces for protest and progress in the wake of the murder of George Floyd.


Lindsey is someone who can rise to the challenges of the moment while tackling chronic issues. Her city enacted the strongest minimum wage and worker protections in the country while simultaneously being named the most business-friendly city in Los Angeles County during her time as Mayor. She initiated the city’s Aging in Place strategy, and she used community-based, culturally-appropriate, and locally-trusted solutions to address the homelessness crisis by connecting unhoused people with permanent housing and supportive services.

Lindsey is ready to put her skills to work for people who are struggling in the 3rd District on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

Lindsey, like many in the District, is a renter and runs her own marketing small business. When she’s not at the job, you can find her and Winston, her dog, frequenting the hidden gems of the Los Angeles County restaurant scene. 


Why I'm running

My career is defined by tackling the hardest problems, building diverse coalitions, and delivering results for my community.


I’m running to be the next Los Angeles County Supervisor from the 3rd District because I have the determination and experience to make a difference for the people who need it most.

Right now, working families are struggling to keep up with a crush of compounding crises. We need Los Angeles County to step up and protect workers’ rights while creating a thriving local economy. We need sustainable housing and services for the people living on our streets and community-focused public safety services that keep us all safe. We need our government to work for us. 

I’m ready to use my experience leading the region on issues like homelessness, public safety, and economic development to put Los Angeles County back to work for the people. I’m ready to be your next Los Angeles County Supervisor from Board District 3, and I humbly ask for your vote.

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