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BREAKING NEWS: Lindsey Horvath is the ONLY candidate endorsed by Planned Parenthood, the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, and the Los Angeles Times.

BREAKING NEWS: Lindsey Horvath is the ONLY candidate endorsed by Planned Parenthood, the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, and the Los Angeles Times.

Fact Check: Bob Hertzberg’s Smear Campaign 

My Story

Bob Hertzberg and his special interest cronies are lying and doing everything they can to defeat our grassroots campaign. So, let’s expose the lies and get the facts straight.

Lie #1 - “Lindsey Horvath is anti-choice”

Truth: Lindsey Horvath is 100% pro-choice and the ONLY candidate endorsed by Planned Parenthood as well as EVERY pro-choice organization that has endorsed in this race.



Lindsey Horvath has been a reproductive rights' champion not only in her voting record, but in the work that she has done.  As a two-time mayor of America’s first pro-choice city, she helped open the first Planned Parenthood Health Center after the tragic shooting in Colorado Springs, making sure full access to reproductive healthcare was easy to access in her own community. She has consistently voted to fund their ongoing services, as well.  Lindsey has served in leadership of many reproductive justice organizations, including on the Board for Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project (WRRAP) which provides funding for low-income people throughout the country to access reproductive healthcare services including abortion.

Lie #2 - “Lindsey Horvath is a Republican”

Truth: Lindsey Horvath is a long-time registered Democrat and the ONLY candidate endorsed by the LA County Democratic Party and Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley.





Lindsey has actively campaigned for John Kerry, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton for President. She is the ONLY candidate endorsed by the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley, and numerous other Democratic clubs throughout Los Angeles. She has served as a Mayor, Councilmember, and municipal official in West Hollywood - one of the most progressive cities in America - for more than 15 years. Previously, she worked as a paid staff member for the John Kerry for President Campaign in Los Angeles. She served on the Board of the West Hollywood-Beverly Hills Democratic Club; as Communications Vice President for Stonewall Democratic Club; as an appointed Los Angeles County Democratic Party delegate by Congressman Adam Schiff; an elected Los Angeles County Democratic Party delegate as well as a 2016 Democratic National Committee Convention Presidential delegate. She received Young Democrat of the Year Award from Los Angeles County Young Democrats, the President’s Award from Stonewall Democratic Club, AD50 Female Democrat of the Year from Los Angeles County Democratic Party, West Hollywood-Beverly Hills Democratic Club Past President Award, as well as an award from Miracle Mile Democratic Club for the Hollywood Chapter of the National Organization for Women, for which she served as Founding President. As a teenager, like many of us, she made decisions in college that she would make differently today. Since the age of 20, she's been a proud and active Democrat.


Lie #3 - “Lindsey Horvath is not serious about crime and public safety”

Truth: Lindsey Horvath has consistently fought to increase investment in public safety in her community and throughout the Los Angeles region.



Lie #4 - “Lindsey Horvath is antisemitic”

Truth: Lindsey Horvath is a strong ally to the Jewish community.

As Mayor, she authored the city’s contract for a Mental Evaluation Team, which pairs a clinically-trained social worker with an Los Angeles County Sheriff Department deputy so calls for service for homelessness or mental health receive a response of services and care instead of incarceration. More recently, she voted to renew West Hollywood’s contract with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, which included one additional deputy on the City’s Entertainment Policing Team as well as cost of living increases, making the contract the most expensive in the City’s history. To address concerns around increased costs for public safety needs, she led West Hollywood to significantly expand the presence of unarmed security ambassadors, who patrol both commercial and residential neighborhoods, coordinate with law enforcement on calls that require their unique training, and respond to calls for service for low-level issues. She advocated for the full funding to test the backlog of untested rape kit evidence in Los Angeles. Uncovered by Human Rights Watch and an audit by the former City Controller Laura Chick, the backlog consisted of more than 10,000 rape kits on shelves, untested, with no hope for delivering justice without funding. Through her advocacy, a diverse coalition of leaders pressured the City and County to allocate enough funding in their respective budget cycles to clear the backlog. Lindsey worked directly with the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department Crime Lab Director to understand the Department’s needs and to secure full funding for the Lab. She is a staunch advocate for victims, for women, and for reproductive justice, and knows how to get the work done. ​ Additionally, Lindsey supported the effort of community advocates who called for justice for Gemmel Moore and all of the victims of Ed Buck, a serial sexual predator who preyed on vulnerable community members, injected them with drugs, performed sexual acts without their consent, and ultimately contributed to several overdose deaths. Their advocacy led to a federal prosecution and conviction of Buck, which included 9 guilty counts and more than 20 years in federal prison for Buck. For her role in securing justice, the Los Angeles County Human Relations Commission provided Lindsey with special recognition. Lindsey knows that every neighborhood in the Third District has unique public safety concerns - from street racing to large homeless encampments to pickpocketing - which require tailored public safety responses. Lindsey also serves as the Chair of the Liability Trust Fund Claims Board and Oversight Committee, which oversees the liability cases for cities that contract with the Sheriff’s Department. She has the experience and is prepared to hold LASD accountable as well as reduce liability costs in terms of public dollars and public trust.

Lindsey is the ONLY candidate endorsed by the Israeli-American Civic Action Network and is “strongly supported” by the Democrats for Israel - Los Angeles. Lindsey Horvath authored West Hollywood’s Jewish Community Safety Plan to coordinate law enforcement, municipal government, and Jewish community centers and places of worship in both proactive safety measures and swift responsiveness to antisemitic attacks. As Mayor, Lindsey worked with American Jewish Committee and the US Conference of Mayors on a national call to combat antisemitism, and with the Combat Antisemitism Movement in a global effort to root out antisemitism wherever it exists. Lindsey’s record on protecting Jewish people, places of worship, and community centers as well as supporting state and federal legislation to oppose the harmful BDS movement and defend Israel’s right to exist is clear and extensive.

Why I'm running



Lindsey Horvath is a renter and has been an outspoken advocate for our criminal justice and policing reform, so it’s no surprise that Bob Hertzberg’s biggest supporters (corporate landlords, real estate speculators, and law enforcement associations) have resorted to spending millions of dollars to defeat Lindsey and her grassroots campaign with lies and disinformation. 


Lindsey’s opponent and his special interest supporters will do ANYTHING to make sure Lindsey is defeated. They have attacked her record and her personally, lying about her votes and her values. These disgusting attacks have no place in our politics. 


They’ve been funded by the California Apartment Association, the California Association of Realtors, the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, the Los Angeles County Business Federation, the California Building Industry Association, and other corporate interests who want to sell out Los Angeles to the highest bidder.

To learn more about Bob Hertzberg please visit:



On October 24th, the Chair of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party Mark J. Gonzalez released a statement saying, “Lindsey is a fighter for our Democratic values, and we know she will fight every day to defend and strengthen those shared values.” 



“Lindsey Horvath is the only candidate endorsed by Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project Los Angeles County Action Fund (PPAP),” said Celinda Vásquez, Executive Director of PPAP. “With only 13 days to go before this consequential election in LA County, we need a leader like Lindsey who relentlessly and unapologetically supports access to abortion and reproductive healthcare. Do not believe the misinformation campaign meant to mislead and confuse voters. We’re proud to stand with Lindsey and hope you will cast your vote for her on or before November 8, 2022.”


“As the leader of Jewish World Watch, an anti-genocide and mass atrocities organization, I see each day how hate speech is turned into hateful action.  I am deeply disturbed to see false allegations of antisemitism made against Lindsey Horvath. I’ve known Lindsey for close to a decade and she exemplifies progressive values and integrity. She is nuanced, measured and has always been upfront about where she stands on issues. For as long as I have known her, she has stood with the Jewish community.


It is irresponsible to infer that someone is antisemitic without any evidence. Furthermore, it weaponizes hate and is divisive in a moment that Los Angeles needs to be unified. It can be traumatizing and incite fear for those of us who are feeling rocked to our core by the fervent rise in antisemitism and intolerance globally. Words matter. Reckless words can lead to devastating consequences. I call on those who funded the despicable and unfounded mailer to publicly apologize and denounce the content.  Shame on you.”

- Serena Oberstein, Executive Director, Jewish World Watch*

"Bob Hertzberg is crying wolf at the worst possible time. I am utterly disgusted to see a fellow Jew weaponize antisemitism for dirty political tricks against their opponent when this bigotry is at a nadir not seen in half a century. Councilmember Horvath is a staunch ally to the Jewish community as someone who has long fought antisemitism and attacks on Israel’s right to exist in the progressive movement from her position on the West Hollywood City Council. Contrary to Hertzberg’s pinkwashing campaign tactics, Horvath’s also the only candidate endorsed by Planned Parenthood in this race, thus fully entrusted to protect abortion access, a critical aspect of Jewish religious freedom under assault by the Supreme Court and Republican Party. And finally, I am ashamed to see a Jewish candidate manipulate an image from an independent expenditure that Councilmember Horvath has no control over to suggest that she is engaging in antisemitic campaign tactics. Bob Hertzberg of all people should know better.”


-Joe Goldman, New Leadership Council Member, Jewish Democratic Council of America and Equality California PAC Member*

*title for identification purposes.

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