The Honorable Sheila James Kuehl, who currently represents Supervisorial District 3, endorses Horvath

“I have followed Lindsey’s work and have seen the impacts of her leadership, not only in West Hollywood, but also countywide. Her tenacity and commitment to getting things done for the residents of Los Angeles County show that she is uniquely qualified for the job of Supervisor.  From helping unhoused residents get the critical services they so desperately need, to creating a sustainable and just future, to leading her City’s recovery efforts for working families -- Lindsey has been a leader who takes action for her constituents. There is no other leader in Los Angeles County like her, and that’s why I am excited to endorse her candidacy for County Supervisor. I hope everyone who has supported me in the past will support her as well on June 7, 2022.”

“Mayor Lindsey Horvath has shown me time and time again that she is a problem solver and ready to tackle the tough issues that confront us everyday in the County of Los Angeles.  As a local leader and Mayor during the COVID-19 crisis, she gets what working people need most right now, and will fight to deliver for the people who are counting on her,” said Supervisor Hahn.

-- Supervisor Janice Hahn 

“I have had a front row seat of Mayor Lindsey Horvath’s leadership here in Los Angeles County and it is second to none. On issues important to every community in Los Angeles Mayor Horvath has been a leader, from her quick response to Covid-19 to her compassionate programs put in place for our un-housed residents she is ready to lead our county. Supervisor Sheila Kuehl has been a great leader in the region for years, and only Mayor Horvath has the capacity to take that leadership baton and work to make Los Angeles county a better place for all.”

-- Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia


“As the Vice-Mayor of Beverly Hills, I have seen my neighbor Mayor Lindsey

Horvath excel as a leader, and being able to work together on critical issues important to our residents gives me the confidence that she is the right person

to be our next County Supervisor. She has my full confidence to project real leadership across the district and the county of Los Angeles.”

-- Vice Mayor of Beverly Hills Lili Bosse


“Lindsey has demonstrated the ability to work with her regional partners to accomplish what is necessary for the health and safety of our community.”

-- Beverly Hills Councilmember Lester Friedman


"Mayor Horvath is a tremendously effective local leader. Her knowledge of the issues, hard work, and boundless energy -- mixed with her ability to bring people together -- make her an ideal candidate for Supervisor, and that is why I am enthusiastically endorsing her.”

-- Beverly Hills Councilmember Julian Gold

ccca pac logo.png

“Coalition building and advocacy are in the DNA of this organization, and no one represents those values better than Mayor Horvath,” said Mark Waronek, incoming President of California Contract Cities Association. “Our membership and I give her our full-throated support because we know her powerful leadership firsthand. She is exactly who we need to bring Los Angeles County together, so that we can move forward as one thriving community.”

-- Mark Waronek, incoming President of California Contract Cities Association

“Mayor Lindsey Horvath is a trusted ally of public education, and a leader we can count on. I am enthusiastically endorsing her candidacy for Los Angeles County Supervisor,” said Trustee Vela. "We need public servants like her who understand that higher education is necessary for Angelenos to compete in the 21st Century economy. ”

-- Los Angeles Community College Trustee David Vela

LOCAL 761 Logo 3 (1).jpg

"As our next County Supervisor, we trust Mayor Horvath to stand strong with the unionized workforce and uphold the dignity of work. This is a critical moment for working people everywhere, and she is not afraid to take bold action to build a brighter future for us all. We are proud to support her campaign!” 

-- Greg Lewis, Business Manager for Plumbers & Fitters Local 761

“Mayor Lindsey Horvath has always been a champion of working women and men throughout Los Angeles County. Lindsey has always placed the needs and concerns of her constituents first.  She has never faltered in her duties and has remained true to the diverse labor workforce, her constituents and the vibrant communities that make the rich fabric of Los Angeles County. That is why we are proud to stand with Lindsey and wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy for Los Angeles County Supervisor for the 3rd District.  We know that her perseverance and passion will continue to make a positive impact not only for our members, the constituents in the 3rd district, but for the entirety of Los Angeles County,”

-- Sergio Rascon, Business Manager for Laborers Local 300

“Mayor Lindsey Horvath is a strong choice for L.A. County Supervisor. She is the leader capable of joining a historic County Board of Supervisors in building a more equitable, stable, and just budget that encompasses all residents,” said Mayor Aja Brown. “Lindsey has continually sought to support and build coalitions for change, which is exactly what is required, now.”

-- Mayor Aja Brown, City of Compton 

“We are thrilled to support Mayor Horvath for Los Angeles County Supervisor in 2022,” said Chapter President Karen Andros Eyres. “As Mayor of West Hollywood, she has proven herself as a fearless, intersectional feminist who is fighting to ensure the rights of all women are protected. We trust that she will continue to further these ideals as our next County Supervisor.” 

-- Karen Andros Eyres, Chapter President


“We could not think of a more perfect candidate for LA County Supervisor,” said AFSCME Local 3339 (WeHoME) President Bobby Safikhani. “Mayor Horvath continues to support workers' rights and ensures that labor unions are heard and seen. As Mayor of West Hollywood, she has a track record of advocating for policies that align with our ideas of safe work practices, fair wages and reasonable work hours. She has proven her resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic through ensuring workers are safe and protected from this virus and are able to return to work.”

-- Bobby Safikhani, President of AFSCME Local 3339 (WeHoME)

“As someone who has an innate sense of duty to help others, I can recognize when others have that same feature, and I see that in Mayor Lindsey Horvath. She has been a strong advocate and ally in protecting the rights of women and LGBTQ people, and I trust her to continue doing so as Los Angeles County Supervisor.” 

-- Bamby Salcedo, Activist

“Mayor Horvath has proven that when she says she wants to fight injustice, she means it. She is unafraid to call out blatant systemic issues when she sees them and is willing to push to correct them. It is with my utmost confidence that I endorse her in her campaign for Los Angeles County Supervisor.” 

-- Jasmyne Cannick, Nationally Recognized Journalist

“Mayor Horvath and I both share a mission in providing a voice to those who are underrepresented in Los Angeles County – a mission that was made even more salient this past year,” Hernandez said. “She has committed to the vision of alternatives to incarceration and the movement of women’s equality both locally and globally. I have no doubt that she will help us continue that fight as Supervisor. I am proud to have been named as one of Los Angeles County’s Women of the Year in 2020 with Mayor Horvath, and I am proud to endorse her for County Supervisor.” 

-- Eunisses Hernandez,

local leader in criminal justice reform and an advocate for communities of color 

“We need leaders like Mayor Horvath to continue that battle and create public policy that will move us towards that goal. As our next Supervisor, she will have the power to create and implement meaningful change for millions of Angelenos, and I know she will, which is why it is an easy decision to endorse and support her campaign,”

-- Gloria Allred, Women's Rights Activist

City of Arcadia - Mayor Sho Tay

City of Artesia - Councilmember Ali Sajjad Taj

City of Artesia - Councilmember Monica Manalo
City of Artesia - Former Councilmember Victor Manalo

City of Avalon - Councilmember Yesenia De La Rosa

City of Baldwin Park - Councilmember Monica Garcia

City of Bellflower - Former Councilmember Juan Garza

City of Bellflower - Councilmember Victor Sanchez

City of Bellflower - Councilmember Ray Hamada

 City of Beverly Hills - Former Mayor Linda Briskman

City of Calabasas - Councilmember James Bozajian

City of Claremont - Mayor Jennifer Stark 

City of Compton - Councilmember Michelle Chambers

City of Cudahy - Mayor Jose Gonzalez

City of Cudahy - Vice Mayor Liz Alcantar

City of Culver - Mayor Alex Fisch
City of Culver - Vice Mayor Daniel Lee
City of Culver - Former Mayor Meghan Sahli Wells
City of Diamond Bar - Councilmember Steve Tye

City of Downey - Mayor Pro Tem Blanca Pacheco

City of Downey - Councilmember Sean Ashton

City of Downey - Mayor Claudia Frometa
City of Downey - Former Mayor Fernando Vasquez 
City of Downey - Councilmember Mario Trujillo 

City of Duarte - Councilmember Toney Lewis

City of Hermosa Beach - Councilmember Stacey Armato

City of Hermosa Beach - Mayor Justin Massey

City of Indian Wells - Mayor Pro Tem Dana Reed

City of Inglewood - Mayor James Butts

City of La Canada Flintridge - Mayor Mike Davitt

City of Lakewood - Mayor Jeff Wood

City of Lomita - Mayor Mark Waronek

City of Long Beach - Councilmember Rex Richardson

City of Malibu - Former Mayor Laura Rosenthal

City of Manhattan Beach - Former Councilmember Amy Howorth

City of Manhattan Beach - Councilmember Richard Montgomery

City of Montebello - Former Councilmember Vivian Romero

City of Norwalk - Councilmember Jennifer Perez

City of Palm Springs - Mayor Christy Holstege

City of Palm Springs - Councilmember Lisa Middleton

City of Paramount - Councilmember Brenda Olmos

City of Pico Rivera - Councilmember Gustavo Camacho

City of Redondo Beach - Councilmember Christian Horvath

City of Rolling Hills Estates - Mayor Pro Tem Frank V. Zerunyan

City of Rosemead - Councilmember Sandra Armenta
City of Santa Monica - Councilmember Kevin McKeown

City of South Gate - Councilmember Denise Diaz

City of South Pasadena - Councilmember Diana Mahmud

City of Walnut - Councilmember Nancy Tragarz

City of West Hollywood - Councilmember John D'Amico
City of West Hollywood - Councilmember John Erickson
City of West Hollywood - Former Councilmember Steve Martin
City of West Hollywood - Former Mayor Abbe Land

City of Whittier - Councilmember Henry Bouchot

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